What is Badugi?

Badugi is a triple draw lowball variety of poker. Each player is dealt 4 cards and must must make their lowest possible hand over 3 draws. It is a lowball game where Ace is low and therefore the best possible hand is A234 of all different suits.

Can I play for play money?

Yes. we offer a full variety of stakes from play games to $1/$2 games.

Are there different limit variations?

Yes. Badugi is available as a limit game, a pot limit game and a half pot limit game.

How do I play?

Please refer to the How to Play Badugi Poker page.

What are discards?

Discards are the cards that each player chooses to swap for new cards on each drawing round.

How do I select which cards I want to discard?

As the action comes to you you will be able to either preselect or wait for your turn. You simply click on the cards you wish to discard and a semi transparent 'Discard' image will appear over those chossen cards.

Can I deselect those cards?

Yes. If you have preselected the cards you wish to discard you will be able to deselect them before the action gets to you.

How many draws do you get?

It is a triple draw game, therefore each player gets 3 draws.

Why can't I raise again a 5th time?

In a limit game each round of betting can only be up to a maximum of 4 incremental bets. If you play pot limit or half pot limit the betting structures will vary and you will be able to bet larger amounts per round.

What is a badugi?

A badugi is a 4 card hand of all different suits and values. e.g. Ac2h3d4s, 4d6c9hTs, 3h4c8d9s

What is a 3-card hand?

A 3-card hand is a hand that has one card counterfeiting another, either by suit and/ or by value, therefore reducing the overall value of the hand to simply 3 active cards. e.g. AcAh2d3s, 2d3h5c6c, 4d6c7d8h

What is a 2-card hand?

A 2-card hand is a hand that has 2 cards counterfeiting the other 2, either by suit and/ or value, therefore reducing the overall value to simply 2 active cards. e.g. 2d2h3d3h, 4c5c6d6s, Ac45s7s9c

What is a 1-card hand?

A 1-card hand is the worst possible hand whereby the overall value of the hand is reduced to simply one card due to counterfeiting by suits and /or value. e.g. AAAA, Ah2h3h4h, 4c5c8cTc

Why isn't my hand a badugi, I have 4 different cards?

To be a badugi all cards must be both different suits and different values. Most likely your current holding has either a pair or 2 of the same suit.

Can I play badugi tournaments?

Unfortunately we do not currently run badugi Tournmanents though we hope to indtroduce them in the near future.

How many cards can I draw on each round?

You can draw anything from zero to four cards on each round.

Is there a No Limit Badugi game?

Due to the nature of the game, with it having 3 draws, a No Limit version would reduce a lot of the skill in the game. Therefore we do not currently offer a No Limit version.

What stakes do you offer for this game?

We currently offer badugi in the following formats: Limit, Pot Limit, and Half Pot Limit.

What happens if there are not enough cards for everyone to redraw?

In this case all discards from previous rounds are reshuffled into the remaining deck and redealt to players as required. When this happens you will see a notice at the table advising players that discards are being reshuffled.

What does it mean that it is a lowball game?

A lowball game means that the aim of the game is to get the lowest possble hand.

Is an ace high or low?

Ace is low in Badugi

How many people can play?

Usually a maximum of 6 players can play a game of badugi at once.

How are hand rankings determined, highest to lowest or lowest to highest?

Hand values are determined from higest card down to lowest card. e.g. Ac3s4h6d beats Ad3h4s9c, 5c6c7d8d beats 6h7s7h8h, 4444 beats 8888

What happens if there is a tie?

In the case of a tie at the showdown, where both players hold the same value hand, then the pot will be split evenly between the tieing players. In the case of there being an extra cent in the pot it will be given to the active player closest to the left of the button.

What are incremental bets?

Incremental bets are the units of bettng in all limit games. Players can only raise by a specified unit, (unit varies depending on stakes), rather than being able to bet a range of bets as is possible in pot limit and no limit games.

What is a draw?

A draw is the round after every round of betting whereby players can exchange their hole cards for new ones. Badugi has 3 rounds of drawing.

What is a limit game?

A limit game is one in which bets are made in incremental units.

What is a pot limit game?

A pot limit game is a game whereby players can bet any amount on any round ranging from the minimum bet (value of Big Blind) up to the total value of current pot.

What is a half pot limit game?

A half pot limit game is a game whereby players can bet any amount on any round raging from the minimum bet (value of Big Blind) up to the value of half the current pot.