Playing on our play money tables is a great way to get started at poker and gives you the chance to find your feet at the table and get a feel of how our software works.

Here's how to get started. Open the poker client and click on the Tables view in the lobby. You'll now see a long list of tables, both for real and play money, together with game details, the number of players and the average pot size. If you scroll down the list you'll see our play money tables (the table stakes will have the word Play in front of the numbers). To join any of these tables, simply double click on the one you wish to play at.

Taking Play Chips to the Table.

When you take a seat at a play money table, a cashier window will appear allowing you to take play money chips to the table. Depending on the table that you're sitting at, you'll be given the chance to take a minimum number of chips, a set maximum or all your play money chips. Use the box to decide how many chips you want, and they'll then be delivered to your seat.

Getting More Play Money Chips at the Table

If at any point you run out of play money chips at the table, you can always get some more by clicking on the chip rack (that's the part of the table that says Main Pot). When you click on here, a menu saying Buy More Chips will appear; select this and choose the amount of play chips that you'd like to be delivered at the end of the next hand.

Refilling Your Play Money Account

If you fall below 200 play chips (or run out completely), you can request more in the Cashier section of the lobby. Simply click the button that says Give Me More Play Money Chips and your account will be refilled to 1000 chips. Please note, that to do this you will have to leave your seat at the table.

Play for Real When You Play for Fun.

If you're using the play money tables with a view to moving up to playing for real, always try to play as you would for real money. Not only will it give you a more realistic poker experience, but it'll improve your game and stop you picking up potentially expensive bad habits.

If you're ready to play, download and install Scarlet Poker now!