Whether you are new to poker or are a seasoned veteran, it is hoped that you will extend the same courtesies to your fellow players that you expect yourself. Poker, like other games, has many unwritten rules of etiquette. Please read the following paragraphs carefully to ensure the best possible game experience for all players.

Choosing A Seat

For players not familiar with online poker, we recommend starting out in lower limit games to get used to the software and the game action. Click on any empty seat at a table to sit down. To play at a table that is already full, simply sign up on the wait list and the software will alert you when a seat is available.

The Buy-in

The software will not allow a player to sit down at a table with a buy-in that is less than ten times the small bet limit. If a player chooses to sit at a $5/$10 table for example, then the minimum buy-in would be fifty dollars. This is only the minimum amount required, and many players choose to sit down with a larger buy-in in case they get involved in a big pot and don’t want to run out of chips.

Game Chat

Chatting at the table is one of the enjoyable aspects of playing poker. Friendly chat and banter are certainly a fun part of the game, but abusive, profane, or hateful chat is not. Bad beats and bad days are a reality of poker, and players should resist the urge to use the chat box as a method of venting their frustration. If a player is being abusive, rude, or disruptive at the table, we urge you to contact support. Any violations of this policy will result in the offending player's chat being permanently disabled. Players will also have the option of blocking all chat, or just the chat of a particular player.

English Only

One of online poker's strengths is that it enables players from all over the world to come together and play poker. It is natural for players from the same country or region to want to speak together in their native language. In the interest of protecting everyone from collusion and team play only English will be allowed at the table.

Observing Tables and Coaching

One of the benefits of belonging to an online poker room is the opportunity to make new friends. Poker players are more than welcome to observe the play at a friend's table and contribute to the chat. Observers must give consideration to the players who are seated at the table, and should be careful to not let their chat become disruptive. Players who are not involved in a hand that is in progress should refrain from making comments about play, and should not offer advice to players involved in the action.

Let The Cards Speak

Players should refrain from commenting to the table during a hand on cards they have folded, or expressing disappointment as the cards are turned up in the course of a hand. This is to prevent players from inferring from the chat about what cards may have helped or hurt the chances of other players. Any chat or observations during a hand that may alter the outcome of that hand should be avoided at all costs.

Player Avatars

Players can choose from a large variety of avatars to represent them at the table. This is a fun and creative way for players to custom tailor their profiles, and express themselves at the tables.

Timely and Courteous Play

An important part of poker is making intelligent decisions. Players are certainly allowed to take a moment to consider their actions, but are requested to do so in timely manner. Players are asked to check the "Sit Out Next Hand" box if they need to attend to a matter away from their computer. This speeds up game play and prevents excessive wait times. Players who are playing on multiple tables are asked to use the pre-select boxes whenever possible. Players that intentionally slow down play will be warned and if such behavior continues may have their accounts suspended.