Our Action Points system automatically rewards you while you play on our site. Players accumulate Action Points by playing in real money games. Additionally, from time to time, we will offer promotions where you will be able to earn additional Action Points; although these are not redeemable for cash, they are redeemable for a variety of cool prizes. The more you play, the more Action Points you earn!

How Many Action Points Do I have?

The account shown has earned 721 Action Points and then started to participate in a bonus promotion. This account is required to earn 12,296 Action Points to claim their bonus. While participating in the Bonus, the 12,296 number will go down toward zero, and the 721 number will not increase. Once that bonus has been earned, the 721 number will start to increase again.

How Action Points Are Awarded

  • The larger the pot, the more Action Points there will be; for every real money hand that is dealt a maximum of 300 Action Points will be awarded; please note that Action Points cannot be redeemed for cash
  • The available points will be distributed to all players who participated in the pot on a pro-rate (percentage) basis
  • The more a player bets, the larger their personal share of the available Action Points
  • Currently, Action Points awarded for tournament fees are credited towards the Action Points usable for freeroll entries and prizes

Details coming soon on the prizes you can get when you redeem Action Points.