We are excited and pleased to offer Buddy Lists as a feature of our poker room. This feature allows you to create a list of your poker-playing friends. You will instantly know when they are on, and where they are seated.

Easy to Use

Buddy Lists are very easy to use. You must be logged in to the poker room.

  • To See Your Buddy List: click the "Buddies" tab in the Lobby. When you don't want to see the list, you may close it by pressing the small "X" in the upper right corner. You may also right click on any player who is on your list, and is seated at a table. So, you could add player KingGeorge seated at the Water World table, by right-clicking over his avatar and selecting the add option. Then right-click again over KingGeorge's avatar and you can select the view Buddy List option.
  • Add Buddies in Two Ways:
    1. Type the screen name of a buddy in the Buddy List dialogue box.
    2. Right-click over a player, at a table. A pop-up message appears, "Add <screen name> to Buddy List"; click on that message and that player is added to your list.
  • Being Seen: If you are not on my Buddy List, then you will only see me when my privacy option is off. If you are on my Buddy List, then you will always see me when I am logged in to the poker room.
  • Privacy: This feature allows you to restrict if other players can see you when you are logged on. With privacy turned on, only players on your Buddy List can see if you are logged on or no. Other players will always see you as logged off, if you are on their Buddy List. With the privacy option turned off, any player will be able to see if you are logged on or not. To turn privacy on, open the Buddy List window, and click on the Options menu at the top. Select "Privacy" and then "Allow only users on my buddy list". To turn privacy off, from the Buddy List window, select "Options", then "Privacy", and then "Allow all users to see me".
  • Finding a Buddy: Your Buddy List is divided into two sections: "Online" and "Offline". Online buddies at a regular table will have a graphic of two cards to the left of their screen names. Buddies registered for tournaments are shown with a trophy icon to the right of their screen names. Move the cursor over the screen name of a buddy, and right-click to learn more about where that buddy is located. When you see a friend listed in the "Online" section of your Buddy List, right-click over that screen name and you can select to view the a table at which that player is seated, so long as you do not already have two tables open. If your buddy is registered for a tournament, you can open that tournament's registration window by right-clicking over the screen name and selecting that option.
  • Removing a Player from Your Buddy List: You can remove any screen name from your buddy list. Simply open the Buddy List window, right-click over the screen name, and select the remove option.

Remember, if you do not wish all other Buddy List users to be able to see you, turn on the "Privacy" option. Then, only players on your list will see you on their lists as on-line when you are in the poker room.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Manager Chat.