Want to see how you’ve been playing? Want to learn more about your actions? Want to see where you are most effective? One of the latest features to the poker room will allow you to see all the above and more.

Player stats give you a complete breakdown of all your actions in ALL available games and tournaments. All variations are covered in our new and exciting addition aimed at helping you develop your game and enjoy our poker room even more!

Player stats are available to you at all times when in the poker room - you can access them in one of two ways:

  1. From the "Options" tab on the menu at the top of the poker software - from here scroll down and click on "player stats".
  2. While at the tables click on the options tab at the bottom right of the main playing area - from here scroll down and click on "player stats".

Once you have clicked on the player stats option the screen below will be displayed - this now enables you to do a complete analysis on your game play - for all Game Types available to you in our poker rooms.



A: Game Type

In this section pick the type and variation of game and number of seats that you would like to see your stats on and your details will be updated for you. All possible combinations are covered here from the "drop down" menus. It is important to note that some variations will always deliver no results, as they are not possible combinations. I.e. you will get no stats for selections of "MTT Speed/Turbo: Holdem: No Limit: 2 Players" as such a variation does not exist.

NOTE: Upon opening "Player Stats" screen, the game type will default to the current game that you are playing - or if no game is being played it will default to the last game type selection you had in "Player Stats".

B: Summary

The summary section shows you details on when the stats are from - the date - and for how many hands they cover. Player stats are cumulative from the date given in this section - if you want to see how you perform in a specific session then it is important that you reset your player stats before the start of your session. Reset stats by clicking on the "Reset Stats" button at the bottom left of the "Player Stats" screen - all previous information will be cleared and is not retrievable.

This section also gives you vital percentage information on:

  • Overall games won
  • Showdowns won
  • Flops seen
  • Wins if flop seen

C: Percentage of Actions

This section gives you a comprehensive breakdown of your actions at the tables. The values shown are a percentage of the total number of hands that you have played of the selected game type - displayed in the summary section. Use the data in here to see how you are playing and help you to review your strategy.

This section details percentage, of the total number of hands you have played, where you have:

  • Folded
  • Checked
  • Called
  • Bet
  • Raised
  • Re-Raised

D: Percentage of Folds

In this area you are given data as to where about in a hand you fold - if indeed you did fold - again you can analyse this and make decisions on your strategy and game play during sessions. Are you bold and never fold? Are you tight and don't take a bite? This section will give you clear indications as to what type of player you are.

E: Option Buttons

  • "Reset Stats" - clears ALL previous data and starts you from the date and time that you clicked on the reset button; this can be useful when analysing game play sessions. Remember to keep screen shots of previous data if you would like to do comparisons.
  • "Refresh" - all data in player stats is live and in running; to update your player stats please click on the refresh button to get a current up to date picture at any time. By selecting a different game type will also refresh the data within "Player Stats".
  • "Close" - When you have finished your analysis and no longer need to see your "Player Stats" then click the close button. Although player stats will no longer be visible, it will continue to monitor and record all details of your game play which will be available to you next time you choose to view your "Player Stats".

It is important to note that all information in your "Player Stats" is updated to a file within your hard drive. If you play from a number of different locations then please remember that your "Player Stats" will not be updated from location to location.