There's nothing more irritating than an early exit from a tournament. There you are, settling in for a nice long poker session and before you know it one silly mistake or horrible bad-beat has sent you packing. But with our new rebuy tournaments, the end isn't necessarily the end, and you can have more lives than a very lucky cat.

How? In a rebuy tournament you can purchase additional chips within a certain predefined period of a tournament if you bust out or fall below a certain chip count.

EXAMPLE 1: You’re playing in a $5 tournament and you started with 2,000 chips. Unfortunately, after only a few minutes you've lost the lot. Naturally, you'd like to carry on playing (come on, who wouldn't?)... and the good news is, that in a rebuy tournament you can! When you get busted, a little pop-up window will appear asking if you'd like to pay a further $5 to carry on in the tournament. Click no, and it's adios. But click yes, and 2,000 more chips will be delivered to you before the next hand.

EXAMPLE 2: This is a bit more complicated, so pay attention. You’re playing in a $10 tournament but the 2,000 chips that you started with have dwindled to a rather unhealthy 800. Our rebuy tournaments (unless otherwise stated) allow you to do something about it. You may rebuy if you have below 2,000 or less than your initial chip stack during the rebuy period. So, all you need to do is click the little $ sign, pay another $10 and watch your chip stack go up to a far healthier 2,800.

To enter a rebuy tournament just look for tournaments with the word "rebuy" in the name in the Mutli-table tournaments listings within the poker software and register. If you do enter a rebuy tournament, make sure that you have a plan thought out before you start playing, as you won’t have long to make up your mind during the actual tournament before the next hand is dealt. And you wouldn’t want to miss out!

When exactly can I rebuy?

Unless otherwise stated, you can rebuy at any time during the first four levels of the tournament. You can see the tournament level at the bottom of the main window in the poker software, and it will also tell you how long until the next level starts.

If you run out of chips completely, you can rebuy when the pop-up box appears. If, however, you fall below 50% of your initial chip stack and would like to rebuy, you can do so at any time during the rebuy period by clicking on the little $ symbol.

It pays to know about add-ons

There's something else that you might like as well. Unless otherwise stated, our rebuy tournaments also include an "add-on" option that allows you to buy additional chips at the end of the final rebuy round regardless of the number of chips that you may have. Add-ons are always useful, giving you extra chips with which to play with during the remainder of the tournament.

How to rebuy

You can purchase a rebuy (up to the tournament limit) by clicking the dollar sign ($) on the table or when the pop-up offer is made. If you request a rebuy during a hand but then win enough chips to put you over the rebuy threshold, your purchase will automatically be cancelled.

Where did you get the idea for rebuy tournaments?

Well, rebuy tournaments are an established and popular feature of the physical poker world. As such, we decided that we'd bring them to you in online poker too. We're also one of the only places on the web where you'll find rebuy tournaments.

The Small Print

  • We also take no responsibility for your missing the rebuy or add-on window, and we recommend that you ensure your account has sufficient funds or Action Points before the start of the tournament, as it is unlikely that you will have time to increase your account balance and return to the table in time for the rebuy or add-on.
  • Rebuy/add-on chips are delivered for the start of the next hand following the purchase
  • As rebuys require a cage transaction, we cannot take responsibility for cage transaction requests that fail due to connectivity problems regardless of the cause

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